The Mudville Confederacy Story – Updated 1/1/2018

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Mudville…A History

The “Mudville Baseball Township” APBA league had its start in 1982, using the infamous 1981 strike-season card set. Twelve managers started the season… fewer finished. The original Commissioner absconded with the league funds part way through the season. Don Carbone took over and guided the league to a finish, though not all teams played all games. The next year, Don led Mudville to a full and complete season and in 1984 oversaw expansion to sixteen teams. The “Official Mudville Record Book” starts at that point.

From 1984 through 1987, hitters were restricted according to their “J-ratings”. J-0 and J-1 hitters had no restrictions on at-bats or games played. Others were restricted to games played but not at-bats. Starting pitchers had no limits on innings… only on games started. Relievers were restricted to innings pitched.

You’ll find a few unexpected names in the Mudville Record Book from those years… the loose restrictions led to surprising stats by some part-time players. A good deal of grumbling over unrealistic stats led to major changes in Mudville rules for 1988.

In 1988, Mudville adopted the CMBA pitching grade system on a one-year trial basis. Also voted in that year were tighter restrictions on player usage. The tighter restrictions remain, but CMBA is long gone. CMBA worked well but 1988 was based on the “rabbit-ball” year of ’87. Many managers were upset at the reduced offense brought about by CMBA, a few resigned, recruitment was difficult, and finally the CMBA was repealed… which brought another round of resignations from its supporters.

Computer play was introduced on a trial basis in 1991. Five managers used the electronic version. Unlike CMBA, this trial passed muster and, in 1992, seven managers were on the keyboard. In 1993, the number jumped to twelve managers playing the DOS computer game. By 1994, all but one of the twenty managers was using the computer version.

In 1994, another round of expansion brought Mudville to its current twenty teams. Another round of controversy (variously described as “Our Troubles”, “The Mudville War of Independence”, and “What the Hell is Going On Here?”) struck mid-season of 1994 in a dispute over league leadership. Mudville split into two camps. This one, the “Mudville Confederacy”, formed with thirteen of the original colonies while five others carried on as the “Mudville Baseball Township”. Truly the biggest crisis to hit the league, our hope was that two strong leagues would rise.

The above was written by Paul McEvoy at the start of the 1995 season, for the Mudville Record Book. From this point forward, Mudville’s history is documented by Bill Wagoner (1995-2000) & David Ziemann (2001-forward).


The Mudville Confederacy has flourished since “The Great Disruption” of the 1994 season, but not without challenge. Seven new managers were promptly recruited to fill out the league and schedules were pushed back to accommodate the changes… the post-season of 1994 (the first Mudville games to be played live via modem!) was finally wrapped up in late November.

The “Mudville Baseball Township”, however, did not fare so well… unable to recruit back to a full complement of managers, the league folded soon after.

2016 Mudville Confederacy’s 35th season of baseball continues and saw some great season by a number of teams this year. Division winners were the San Diego Sluggers in the AL East (93-69) Mike Eliyas, Baystate Bombers AL West (94-68) Rick Adams, NL East Dekalb County Cardinals (105-57) Larry Bothelo, NL West Iron City Cowgunners (116-46) John Niespodzianski. The two Wild Card Winners one came from the AL East, Voorhees Vikings (92-70) Bruce Barrish and over the the NL East the Hollywood Stars (104-58) Mike Pope. We said goodbye to some long time owners, Gary Rommelfanger (1996), Nick Roppo (1997), Ken Martin (1999). Bob Felk became the full time owner of the Trailers, Michel Chariebois returned to Mudville to guide again the Quebecois, Chris Ross took over the Isotopes and Paul Sliwinski is now the new owner of the Wabanakis. Larry Bothelo continued his amazing ownership now in his 27.5 year with Mudville. Nolan Arenado put up some amazing numbers as well as the Cowgunners, but sadly that great year came to an end with Hollywood pulling a big upset in the playoffs and beating the Cowgunners 4-1 to head to the World Series. Over in the the AL, Baystate the best team moved to the World Series. Hollywood takes the World Series for 2016, Mike’s 2nd championship in 3 years beating Baystate 4-1. MVP voting will take place soon.

What will 2017 hold?

2017 Mudville Confederacy’s 36th season of baseball continues with division winners:

Darlington Mavericks (103-59) – AL East

South Portland Wabanakis (98-64) – AL West

Voorhees Vikings (96-66) – AL Wildcard

Hollywood Stars (93-69) – NL East

Iron City Cowgunners (98-64) – NL West

Stumptown Columbias (92-70) NL Wildcard

Lots of new teams and some of the same looking to put another notch on there title belt. Only one new manager to start 2017 and Larry Bothelo continued his ownership now in year 28.5. More upsets in the playoffs as again the Cowgunners the best record in the NL could not make it past the Hollywood Stars again as they try to repeat as World Series Champions and over the the AL, a wildcard team upsets both division leaders, as Voorhees makes it to the World Series, this same team with a rich history of World Series titles previously in Mudville. And the shock continues as Voorhees take the World Series title #9 as various teams 4 games to 1. We enter a new year with the data disk coming out really late this year and updates to the website and more coming later in December of 2017 this year. Good luck to a great off-season.

What will 2018 hold for Mudville?